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Axid Studios I/S announces project-collaboration with Mekanikal PMV

By Axid Studios · 21/03/2023

Axid Studios I/S and Mekanikal PMV are proud to announce their collaboration on a new hardware and software project, set to be unveiled by the end of the summer. The project, which involved a significant investment from Axid Studios I/S, represents a major step forward in the field of logistics.

"It's amazing to see the two companies work together on a project for the first time." - Asger Heinricy (CEO at Heinricy Group I/S, Axid Studios I/S, Mekanikal PMV)

Mekanikal PMV is based in an office-location in Nova Scotia, Canada, while Axid Studios I/S is based in both London, England and Nova Scotia, Canada. The project will be finalised in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Heinricy Group I/S Headquarters, as it will be unveiled.